From an apartment kitchen…

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small beginnings

Despite loving cookies, I could never really find a cookie that I absolutely loved.

I spent weeks trying out recipes (and eating hundreds of cookies!) until I could find a cookie I was proud of.

To test my cookies, I would go out onto the street to get feedback!

Amazingly the cookies were a hit and people were hungry for more.

Fun fact: I used to bake 6 cookies at a time because the oven I had was so small!

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malls stalls & Cookies to your door

I started selling cookies in February 2020 by setting up cookie stalls in malls. But these we’re quickly shut down by COVID-19.

I had to think quickly and start selling through social media – delivering 100 boxes of cookies a day door-to-door during lockdown!

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cafes & beyond

Not long after, I had a request from a cafe to stock our cookies. This quickly turned into 20 cafes and it was time to move out. So I found my first commercial kitchen and hired my first bakers.

(I also bought a Cavoodle and named him Cookie!).

Fast forward to today, we sell thousands of cookies each week and these can be found in over 1500+ locations across Australia.

Including cafes, fuel stations and select Woolworths Metros!

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